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Kainjoo announces a new service for Data Privacy Frameworks, including GDPR and the upcoming Swiss LPD

Morges (Switzerland), 27.02.2023 – Answering the call of rising global demand, Kainjoo Business Services, a business unit dedicated to supporting brands through innovative tech and channels, unveils a suite of services aimed at bolstering data privacy frameworks for regulated organisations:

  1. Aiding the setup, adoption, and scalability of GDPR and LPD: As regulatory frameworks like the GDPR and the soon-to-be-implemented Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (LPD) become increasingly pertinent, Kainjoo stands ready to guide organisations through the complexities of these regulations. This includes assisting in establishing compliance procedures, ongoing adoption, and ensuring scalability to meet future data privacy requirements.
  2. Offering customised data privacy solutions: Kainjoo’s team of experts is equipped to provide tailored solutions that cater to individual, organisational needs. Services include privacy program development, privacy tech enablement, M&A and deal support, regulatory assessments, and privacy risk management​.
  3. Providing Managed Services and DPO as a Service: Recognising the need for ongoing support, Kainjoo offers day-to-day privacy program management and on-call response services, including a Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a Service. Kainjoo takes a proactive stance in handling regulatory affairs support, complaints & inquiries handling, data subject rights request response, and consent tracking, among other critical tasks​.

Designed to enhance regulator-readiness and reduce risk while preserving the value of enterprise data, Kainjoo’s services are aimed at helping organisations reduce the risk associated with privacy compliance obligations and to recognise the value in their data​. Our approach is programmatic, risk-based, and integrated, driving clarity, structure, and a position of “regulator-readiness”, shares Haider Alleg, founder at Kainjoo​​.

With the advent of the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (specific requirements to be added), Kainjoo is poised to offer comprehensive consulting services to businesses seeking to navigate this new regulatory environment. Leveraging its technical expertise and deep understanding of privacy regulations, Kainjoo provides a suite of services designed to enhance regulatory readiness, reduce risk, and optimize the utility of personal data. Services range from privacy program development, privacy tech enablement, and regulatory assessments to industry-specific solutions. Kainjoo’s pragmatic and integrated approach to data privacy risk management has already garnered the trust of multiple clients, with the company contracted as a Data Processing Organization (DPO) in both Switzerland and Europe.

Kainjoo’s commitment to data privacy extends beyond mere compliance. We believe in the strategic business value of data privacy, striving to develop strategies that reduce risk around personal data while improving its value and transparency. This focus enables our clients to make more effective business decisions​​. Our globally adept team has field experience building solutions around diverse privacy regulations and wide-ranging expertise with various data environments​​.

With our global subject matter expertise, we can provide a genuinely cross-functional service, enhancing our data privacy service for several specific verticals, regions and use cases​​. Through these newly unveiled services, Kainjoo Business Services is set to make a significant difference in data privacy, meeting the present demands while preparing for future challenges.

About Kainjoo Consulting Group SA

Kainjoo Consulting Group SA is a Swiss consulting firm with a network of brand-tech delivery services. With a focus on regulated industries, a team of marketing, technology and branding experts uphold the mission to disrupt brands and inject the latest customer engagement innovation. We are hiring!

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Orsen Okami
Orsen Okami
Kainjoo is a brand-tech firm serving regulated industries with Kaizen and Six-sigma ready brand activities.

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